PIP Banded Ear Plugs - NRR 24 267-HPB410. Box/10


Sale priceCAD $28.00


PIP Banded Ear Plugs are ergonomic plugs that fit outside the opening of the ear canal for noise protection, while the band insures out-of-the-way comfort and plugs from contact with dirty surfaces when set down. Ideal for short jobs, moving in and out of noise areas or for visitors.

Applications: Construction Applications, Manufacturing, Workshops, Energy.

Key Features:

  • Co-Injected TPR reduces pressure on the ear canal, allowing a more comfortable fit
  • Foam plug fits the shape of the ear canal opening snuggly, for stability, comfort and improved sound attenuation
  • Curved design keeps pods from contact with dirty surfaces
  • Pair of replacement pods included


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