Bradley S19-324E Emergency Signaling System, NEMA 4X, Eye or Eye/Face Wash. Each


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Automatic, Audible and Visual System
Double Pole, Double Throw Flow Switch
Designed to Meet NEMA No. 4X Code
Easily Connected to Other Emergency Fixture Units
Silence Switch with Auto Reset
For Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Automatic, audible and visual system
  • Double pole, double throw flow switch
  • Designed to meet NEMA No. 4XCode
  • Easily connected to other Emergency Fixture units
  • Silence switch with auto reset
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Universal AC voltage: 90-264 AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Extra contacts in central control board and flow switch for remote location hookup
  • UL Listed Industrial Control Panel(s) for US and Canada


System can be easily connected to most eyewash units which have "
NPT inlet piping and a 5 GPM water inlet source. If fixture is top supplied,
adequate space must be provided for vertical orientation of sensor. Consult
installation manual for specific requirements. Remote location hookup is
possible by using the contacts in the flow switch junction box or central
control box.

Standard Equipment
Central Control:

Emergency fixture signaling system operates from one central control board.
The central control offers several different easy to connect inputs and outputs,
allowing for direct connection to a building management system and runs
on a safe, 24v system. Electrical components are contained with a NEMA 4X

Remote Wiring:

Remote location hookup possible by using contacts in the central control
board and contacts in the flow switch junction box.

Horn Sound:

Piezo fast beep sound. 108 dB at 2 feet to cut through ambient noise.

Signal Light:

Safety amber-colored glass. Dust cover. All solid state components with no
moving parts for maintenance-free operation.


Universal AC Input: 90-265 AC, 50-60 Hz. Max 70 Watts. Max 3.0 Amps.

Flow Switch Activation
Watertight and completely assembled for easy hookup to signaling system.
Double pole, double throw flow switch in brass construction.

Electrical Connection
Prewired, 6-foot multiple conductor, quick-connect, waterproof cable for easy
connection to the signaling system.

Pipe Size
" NPT supply.
Signaling system can be mounted to fixture piping or an adjacent wall.

Silence Switch
The horn can be turned off while the signal light continues to flash and the
water flows. Switch has auto reset feature and is panel mounted.

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