3M Versaflo M-448 High Durability Outer Shroud, Black. Each


Sale priceCAD $110.00


3M Versaflo High Durability Outer Shroud M-448 is an easily-replaced outer shroud for 3M Versaflo Helmets Series M-400. An inner shroud (sold separately) must be zipped into the outer shroud.

3M Versaflo M-Series Helmets are lightweight, compact and well-balanced. They offer integrated protection from a range of respiratory, head, eye, face and hearing hazards. The helmets are designed with coated lenses that help provide added chemical and scratch resistance. 3M Versaflo M-Series Headgear offers dependable protection, exceptional comfort and ease of use.


  • Lightweight, well balanced design

  • Spare parts and accessories are quick and easy to replace

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