3M Versaflo TR-653 Cleaning & Storage Kit, for TR-600 series Powered Air Purifying Respirators. Each


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 The 3M Versaflo Cleaning & Storage Kit is designed to assist with product cleaning and storage. A plug and seal is provided for the inlet and outlet openings of the 3M Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator, TR-600 series Motor/Blower. A cover is provided for the electrical connections of the 3M Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirators Battery, TR-600 Series.

A cover is provided for the electrical connections of the 3M Versaflo Battery, TR-630 or TR-632. Each kit contains: 1 inlet plug and 2 seals, 1 outlet plug and 2 seals, and 1 battery connector cover. The motor/blower plugs allow the motor/blower to be submerged, rinsed under running water, or machine washed as outlined in the user instructions. The plugs may also help to keep the internal components of the motor/blower clean during storage. The plug seals should replaced after 30 uses or whenever found to be damaged or worn.

  • Provides easy cleaning and storage
  • Allows motor/blowers to be hand or machine washed
  • Recommended in several industries

Suggested Applications

  • Used in applications such as assembly, blasting, cleaning, metal repair and painting





Product Color


Product Series


Product Type

Cleaning & Storage Kit

Recommended Application

Composite Finishing, Final Finish, Paint Preparation, Painting, Welding

Recommended Industry

Animal processing, Cosmetics, Design & Construction, Dry Foods, Facility Sanitation, Food Safety, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Heavy Industrial, Heavy Infrastructure, Industrial Maintenance, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Nuclear Energy, Pesticide Application, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical research and production, Recycling

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