3M Versaflo SA-100-PSK Painter's Supplied Air Kit, Grey. Each


Sale priceCAD $1,299.00


The 3M Versaflo Painter's Supplied Air Kit includes a 3M Vortex Cooling Assembly, V-100, a 3M Versaflo Breathing Tube, BT-20L with 3M Versaflo Breathing Tube Cover, BT-922, and a 3M Versaflo Faceshield, M-101 with a 3M Versaflo Standard Visor, M-925 and 3M Versaflo Comfort Faceseal, M-936.

A 3M Supplied Air Hose (sold separately) is required to complete the NIOSH-approved system.


  • Includes lightweight faceshield, breathing tube, and vortex cooling valve
  • 3M Supplied Air Hose is required to complete the NIOSH-approved system
  • 3M Supplied Air Hose sold separately

Suggested Applications

  • Recommended applications include assembly and mechanical, cleaning, painting, powder coating, and spray painting

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