3M Peltor MT20H682FB-09 GN ComTac V Hearing Defender Headset - Green


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  • 3M Peltor MT20H682FB-09 GN ComTac V Hearing Defender Headset

    O.D. Green foldable headband and ear cups

     Updates and upgrades over the previous ComTac III series to improve overall performance

    Adjusts the environmental listening function volume balance between the left and right speaker, giving the operator the ability to prioritize audio or adjust to their own personal preference.

    Volume boost function, or ear-plug mode, increases the volume of ambient sound and the external input by about 6dB. It is intended to be used when a properly fitted ear-plug is used under the headset

    Release time setting adjusts the time before the limiter opens after activation. The default setting is best for combat operations and the extended delays are often more suitable for indoor firearms training

    Electronics will instantly suppress harmful impact noises up to 82 db inside the ear cups, while amplifying ambient noises and voices up to 18 db

     21 dB NRR noise reduction rating, Green cup color Built to military environmental and ballistic standards

    12 month warranty

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