3M Peltor MT20H682FB-47 GN ComTac V Headset, Foldable, Single Lead, Green


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The 3M™ Peltor™ MT20H682FB-47 GN ComTac™ V Hearing Defender Headset is designed for armed forces personnel in armed combat situations and has an improved, new omni-directional microphone and high fidelity speakers with greater sensitivity; increasing speech intelligibility, improving hearing and reducing environmental sounds. Featuring the rugged 3M Peltor design, the Peltor ComTac V electronic headset will stand up to the rigors of the field. Additionally, the  “talk-through” feature is a means of allowing safe audio sounds to bypass the individual hearing protection electronically while still helping protect against harmful noises. Tested in accordance to ANSI S3.19-1974 and Impulse Noise Protection tested to 168dB Peak SPL in accordance with ANSI S12.42-2010.

3M™ Peltor™ ComTac™ V has Omni-directional microphones and high fidelity speakers that are optimized to transmit voice communication and can pick up sounds with great sensitivity with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for clear and accurate sound replication. The result is a more natural sounding headset with unmatched sound clarity. 3M has replaced the leather headband, for a more modern rubberized band that is easy to remove if the user wants to convert to ARC adapters (or convert back to a headband). This headband has increased environmental resistance to heavy maritime environments.

Headset Details:

  • Helps Protect from Hazardous Steady-State and Impulse Noise
  • Clear 2-Way Audio Comms - Radios & Intercoms
  • Environmental Listening for Auditory S.A.
  • “Talk-Through” for Face-to-Face Verbal Conversation
  • Accessory Rail Connection (ARC) Option
  • Engineered to Prevent Cross-talk with DUAL COMMs

23 dB

Battery Type
AAA (Rechargeable or Disposable)
Battery Life
150 hours
Case Quantity
Color Family
Communication Direction
Communication Type
Tactical Comms
Compatible Radio Brands
6-pin NATO, Motorola

Compatible with most helmets, Dynamic Differential Microphone, Noise cancelling microphone, Two Way Communication, Level Dependent Function

Plug Type
Product Color
O.D. Green
Product Type
MIL/LE Tactical Headsets
Recommended Application
Armed Combat
Recommended Industry
Armed Forces
Suspension Method



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