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FAQ on Peltor Hearing Protection Devices

- Different competitions have different rules on the use of equipment. It is adviseable to check with the particular competition committee to make sure what you wish to use is allowed before going on the firing line.

For I.S.S.F. shooters, item 6.2.3 'Ear Protection' in the 'Technical Rules for All Shooting Disciplines', Edition 2001, page 5, states : "......Ear protectors incorporating any type of receiving devices are not permitted for shooters."

Yes. Following are some figures supplied by Peltor on their two electronic ear-muffs:

Tactical 7 Stereo:  Frequency (Hz)  125    500  1000    4000    8000  
Headband model:  Mean Attn. (dB) 17.9  29.5     38.2     37.8      40.1  

Sound Trap Stereo:  Frequency (Hz) 125    500   1000   3150      6300  
Folding model:          Mean Attn. (dB) 12.3  25.0      33.8     34.9      39.0  

You can decide based on what you do. If you do a lot of high power shooting, you will need one with higher attenuation, e.g. the Ultimate 10. If storage space and carrying ease is of prime concern, then a Bull's-eye 6 or a Shotgunner would fit the bill. If you are a range officer, a coach, or a hunter, then you may want to consider a Tactical 7 or a Sound Trap. Generally speaking a larger cup has better sound attenuation than a smaller one but is more bulky, and a fixed headband has a higher NRR than a folding headband.

Following is an excerpt from a Peltor publication:

"Did you know noise is just like nuclear radiation? We can only endure a certain amount each day.
"Protecting yourself from harmful noise levels means you must remove the damaging dose. And just like radiation there is a limit to where exposure becomes dangerous. This limit has been established at 85 dB, A-weighed equivalent noise level, for a typical 8 hour working day. Dangerous noise levels are also a combination of noise levels over 85 dB(A), and the amount of time one is exposed to the noise.
"Generally speaking, if at some point during each 24 hour period you are exposed to a noise level over 85 dB(A), or an impulse sound of over 140 dB(C), there is a risk that you will receive a damaging dose of noise.
"A 15 minute exposure to 100 dB(A), or an impulse sound exceeding 140 dB(C), is just as harmful as 8 hours exposure to 85 dB(A) equivalent sound level.
"* It is the hair cells deep inside the ear that become damaged and do not heal. The injury becomes permanent.
"* A comfortable and accepted hearing protector, suited to the noise level of the specific work place provides the best motivation for 100% wear time, and consequently the best protection against permanent injury."

Tac 7 and Sound Trap are designed for different applications. Following are some comparisions of the two designs:
Sound Trap is a newer member of the Peltor line-up. It has slimmer cups and is a folding model. Its advantage is compact, lightweight ( 8.8 oz ), therefore most suitable when bulk and weight must be reduced to a minimum. It has a NRR of 19 dB and can attenuate hazardous noise within 5 milliseconds. For hunting and most other outdoor applications this rating is quite sufficient. It can be connected to an existing radio for communication purposes with the addition of a connecting cable, or to a CD player and other similar devices. It has one on-off/volume control knob on each side, so the user can adjust the volume level individually when neccessary. It has two microphones and two speakers, thus providing true stereo sound. It uses 4 AAA batteries, two on each side.

Tac 7 has bigger cups with more insulation material, thus providing more noise attenuation with a NRR of 24 dB. The higher NRR rating is also the result of a fixed headband design - headbands always offer better hearing protection than folding models with the same cup configurations. With this NRR rating, the Tac 7 can handle indoor / close quarter situations with ease.

When there is hazardous noise the circuit cuts down within about 2 milliseconds to protect the user. There is only one on-off/volume control knob for ease of operation. However, there are adjustment screws on the circuit boards inside the cups which allow the user to individually adjust the sound balance of the two speakers. This feature is useful for those who has hearing imbalance. Once these two screws are set, every time the headset is turned on the volume will go up and down at the correct proportion as determined before. The true stereo sound reception allows accurate determination of orientation of sound sources. The maximum sound level allowed into the ears is 82dB, same as the Sound Trap. It uses one 9 volt battery.

Both the Tac 7 and the Sound Trap can be used for communication purposes. Their communication versions are equipped with a boom microphone attached right on the headset. With the boom mic in place plus an optional adaptor, you can connect to your radio for either push-to-talk or voice-activated ( VOX ) two way communication. Adaptors are available for most major radios such as Motorola, GE, Ericsson, Kenwood....etc.

So the major differneces between these two models are basically 1) sound attenuation ability and 2) size/weight considerations. Price-wise they are not that much different.

Regular Peltor earmuffs are suitable for most children age 5 and up. By adjusting the cups as high up both sides of the headbands as possible, the earmuffs should fits snuggly over a child's head. For your reference, the size of the ear-cushions is as follows:
Inside measurement: 2-4/10 in. by 1-4/10 in., oval shape
Outside measurement: 4-2/10 in. by 3-2/10 in., oval shape
However, if you need earmuffs for even smaller children or even babies, the you should use the Peltor "Junior" headset. These have even shorter headbands to fit over the smaller heads of very young children or babies.

To answer your question in the most simplified form and not going into great technical details, "dB" indicates the loudness of certain sound or noise, be it mechanically produced ( such as machine noise, gun shots...etc. ) or human produced ( such as speech or singing ).
To give you a rough idea what level everyday noises are at, please see the following table ( data taken from a previously published article by the City of Los Angeles, U.S.A. )
Please note that these figures are very much generalized.


120 - 110 dB uncomfortably loud
100 - 80 dB very loud
70 - 60 dB moderately loud
50 - 40 dB quiet
10 dB just audible
0 dB threshold of hearing


130 military jet take-off at 50 ft.  
121 oxygen torch  
118 turbo fan aircraft take-off at 200 ft.  
114 - 108 rock band  
110 riveting machine  
106 Boeing 707/DC-8 at 6080 ft before landing  
103 jet flying overhead at 1000 ft.  
100 Bell J-2A helicopter at 100 ft.  
97 newspaper press  
96 power lawnmower  
90 motorcycle  
88 propeller plane flying overhead at 1000 ft.  
84 diesel truck driving by at 40 mph at 50 ft.  
80 kitchen garbage disposal  
77 passenger car driving by at 65 mph at 25 ft.  
70 vacuum cleaner  
60 dishwasher ( rinse cycle ) at 10 ft.  
60 air-conditioning unit at 100 ft.  

Peltor communication headsets are designed to be used with a transceiver/radio/walkie-talkie, provding hearing protection and at the same time communication capability. The headsets themselves cannot transmit or receive signals, with a few exceptions such as the LiteCom and Power Com.
The HT series ( listen-only ) can be connected to the radio directly for incoming signals. The MT series ( two-way ) headsets must be used in conjunction with a radio-specific adapter cable and then connected to the radio for reception and transmission. So it is a two-part ( HT ) or three-part ( MT ) system, as the case may be.

Purchasing of the HT headsets is easier, you just have to know the plug size, and whether you want mono or stereo. But purchasing of the MT headsets requires that you know exactly what the make and model of your existing radio is so that a specific adapter cable can be used to ensure proper functioning.

The LiteCom and the Power Com are self-contained systems that include the headset, cable, and transceiver. When you purchase these, you have no more extra parts or cables to buy. Put the batteries in and you are talking away!

The Sound Trap uses four AAA batteries, two in each cup. To change the batteries, follow the steps below:
1. Power off the Sound Trap,
2. Reach into the inside rim of the ear-cushion ( ring ) and pull straight out,
3. Remove the gray foam insert, be careful not to damage the electronics,
4. Now the batteries should be exposed: remove them carefully,
5. Install fresh batteries, make sure polarity is correct,
6. Replace gray foam insert and snap back the ear cushion, ensuring a tight fit,
7. Repeat the same procedure for the other cup,
8. Turn power on to check working conditions.

They are almost the same. Both Sound Trap and Tactical 6 can amplify ambient sound ( tactical function ) and provide hearing protection from impulsive noises. Their size, weight, battery use and NRR are all identical.
But the Sound Trap is more advanced in that it has an audio jack for connection to CD players, cassette players...etc ( see the next question ). It can also be purchased in a communication version where an optional boom microphone is installed with wiring to turn it into a communication headset like the MT series headsets. The Tactical 6 cannot do that.

Also, the Sound Trap is military green, while the Tactical 6 is charcoal grey.

Yes. You can use either the HL1C-J22 cable or the HL1E-J22 cable for this purpose.
The HL1C-J22 cable has a two pin plug to go into the Sound Trap and a 3.5mm plug for your CD player...etc. the HL1E-J22 cable has the same 2-pin plug for the Sound Trap but a 2.5mm plug for your device. So you have to first find out what size jack you have on your device.
You should note, however, the plug in either case is a mono plug, since the two cups on the Sound Traps are independent of each other so you can only listen to your CD player on the side which receives the signal input.

ComTac is a much newer, and advanced, designed than the Sound Trap in many respects.
Similar to the Sound Trap, it provides hearing protection ( 25db, much better than Sound Trap's 19db ). It also amplifies ambient sound with true stereo reception, so the user has a sense of direction where the sound comes from.

The ComTac, however, has improved electronics for longer battery life, uses 2 AA batteries instead of 4 AAA batteries, auto shut-off when left unused, low power notification, external battery compartment for easy change of batteries while wearing the headset, protected switches for better waterproof operation, low profile for fitting under a ballistic helmet...etc.

The ComTac can be purchased as a headset only. This version offers hearing protection and ambient sound amplification just like the Sound Trap.

The ComTac can also be used as a two-way communication headset, when the users can actually talk back and forth. In order to do this, there are three other components to be used with the ComTac. Please refer to http://www.precision-sports.com/qpeltor.htm#talk

One, you must have a two-way radio, such as Motorola Sabre ( or any other make and model of two-way radios ).

Two, you must purchase an adapter cable to connect the ComTac to the radio. There is an in-line push-to-talk switch on this adapter cable, so the user will not have to reach for the radio itself. This cable is radio specific, so you must specify, when ordering, what make and model radio the user will be using the ComTac with. For example, a cable for Motorola Sabre radio will not fit into a Motorola HT1000 radio, and vice versa.

Three, you must purchase the communication kit, which includes a boom microphone and split cables for hooking up the headset and the PTT adapter cable. This kit goes between the headset and the adapter cable, and can easily be installed or removed by the user without any special tools.

Once you have all four components ( the ComTac, the communication kit, the adapter cable, and the radio ), you can plug them in together and start wireless communication.

You can at any time switch off the two-way radio and the ComTac returns to its regular function as a hearing protector and an ambient sound amplifier, just like the Sound Trap. You can either swing the boom mic away from the user's face, or even remove it from the headset when it is no longer needed.

On the other hand, even if the batteries in the ComTac run out, you can still receive radio signals and have hearing protection.

Yes, but it is not as convenient as using MT series headsets.
The difference between MT and HT series headsets is mainly the lack of a built-in boom microphone on the HT headsets. With this boom mic you can clip your radio on your belt, hook it up with the proper PTT cable, then up to the headset. To operate, just push the PTT button on the cable as needed, and the microphone is in place all the time. When you are not in need of communication the boom mic can easily be swung out to the side.

In the HT series headset there is no boom microphone. The headset is connected directly to the two-way radio for incoming audio signal. To talk you have to hold the radio up to your mouth and press the PTT button on the radio. This way it is pretty much like the regular headphones supplied with popular two-way radios and FRS except the HT headset provide hearing protection on top of listening capabilities

The Surround has an improved cup as well as a new cushion design. All these added up to provide better sound attenuation, with NRR=25dB as compared to the NRR=24dB of the Tactical 7S. The hygiene kit to go with the Surround is HY79.
Besides, the battery is now inside the cup instead of on the outside. No more lost or damaged battery compartment door!

Not necessarily.
Electronic earmuffs will do one or more of the following for you:
1. amplify ambient sound so you can hear weak noises, or conduct normal conversation in a noisy place,
2. allow connection to external audio devices such as radio, CD or cassette players via optional cables,
3. allow two way communication if optional accessories are attached properly,
4. allow listening to AM and/or FM radio in certain models.

However, the ability to attenuate sound still depends on the NRR value and not what it can do with the electronic circuit. For instance, the Ultimate 10 ( model H10A, NRR=29dB ) will offer better hearing protection than a Tactical Surround ( NRR=25dB ).

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