Within US ONLY.....National Safety Apparel Class 00 (500V AC/ 750V DC) Rubber Voltage Insulating Glove PREMIUM Kit w/FR Knit Glove and Leather Protectors. One Kit


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Class 00 Rubber Voltage Glove Kit Includes:

  •  One Pair of Class 00 Rubber Voltage Gloves
  •  10" Leather Protectors
  •  ArcGuard® FR Knit Gloves
  •  Glove Bag


  •  Fabric/Material: Rubber/Leather
  •  Rubber voltage gloves are electrically tested and marked with initial test date
  •  ArcGuard® FR knit gloves can be used with rubber voltage as a liner for added protection
  •  ArcGuard® FR knit gloves stretches for flexibility and dexterity
  •  ArcGuard® FR knit gloves RG: fits rubber voltage glove sizes 8-11
  •  ArcGuard® FR knit gloves LG: fits rubber voltage glove sizes 10-12
  •  Class 00 - Max Use Voltage 500V AC/750V DC


  •  NFPA 70E
  •  CSA Z462
  •  ASTM F1506
  •  ANSI/ASTM D120, Class 00, Type 1
  •  OSHA 1910.269

Product Care

  • Should be cleaned in warm water with mild soap.
  • Store flat in a protective bag. Do not fold gloves.
  • Avoid high heat and high moisture areas.
  • Gloves should not be placed in direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of contact with any chemical substance.
  • Inspections should occur before each use. Inspection methods are outlined in ASTM F1236.

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