Klein Tools 3005CR Ratcheting Crimper, 10-22 AWG - Insulated Terminals. Each


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The full-cycle Ratcheting Crimper crimps 10-22 AWG insulated wire terminals. This tool features three crimping cavities in one tool with color-coded wire markings for three size ranges of insulated terminals. Crimper design provides low effort to crimp while maintaining a high terminal pull-off force. Built-in ratchet ensures full-cycle crimping for a uniform crimp every time. Compound lever-action of narrow-span handles puts more crimping power into each squeeze. Comfort grips help reduce hand fatigue.


  • Crimps insulated terminals onto 10-22 AWG stranded copper wire
  • Adjustable compound action design puts more crimping power into each squeeze
  • Three crimping cavities in one tool: 22–16 AWG (Red), 16–14 AWG (Blue) and 12–10 AWG (Yellow) terminals
  • Built-in ratchet ensures full-cycle crimping for a uniform crimp every time
  • Unique cavity design provides consistent crimp from either side of the tool
  • Dial adjusts the amount of force applied to the crimp
  • Dual-material molded grips provide added comfort



Type: Ratcheting Crimper

Application: Wire Crimping

Special Features: 3 Crimping Cavities

Material: Steel

Handle Color: Red, Black

Handle Finish: Dual-Material

Cable Size: Front Cavity: 22-16 AWG Insulated Terminals; Mid Cavity: 16-14 AWG Insulated Terminals; Rear Cavity: 12-10 AWG Insulated Terminals

Connector Type: Insulated

Overall Length: 9'' (22.9 cm)

Overall Height: 0.09'' (0.2 cm)

Overall Width: 3'' (7.6 cm)

Weight: 1.3 lb (0.6 kg)

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