Jackson Safety 14782 Curv-O-Mark Jumbo Contour Markers, 24" Radius. Each


Sale priceCAD $85.00


Jackson Safety 14782 Curv-O-Mark Standard Contour Markers, 24" Radius

The Jackson Safety Radius Marker (standard) has a folding design, which allows you to conveniently fit it into a shirt pocket or tool belt. The Radius Marker is designed to scribe circles up to 48” (a 24” radius) and features sturdy friction joints to help maintain rigidity and accuracy. The tool is made of lightweight aluminum, for durability. A soapstone crayon comes installed and the scribe holder will accept a round, square or flat soapstone crayon, pencil or steel point scribe. The Contour Radius Marker comes in four sizes – from mini to jumbo.


  • Made of durable, lightweight aluminum, comes with a soapstone crayon
  • Marks circles up to a 24 inch radius
  • Also available in mini, small and jumbo (this model is Standard)
  • Sturdy friction joints to help maintain rigidity and accuracy in marking

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