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The TOES2GO Adjustable Steel Toe Cap Overshoes protects the toe area from accidental impact, crushing, or stubbing. They fit over your existing footwear with a fully adjustable 18" x 1" strap & hook and loop closure which allows for a snug fit to a large variety of shoe styles and sizes, offering a quick reliable solution to the occasional need for steel toe footwear. 

TOES2GO are ideal for any working environment that carries a risk of toe damage or has a steel toe cap requirement and are perfect for home renovations, visitors, casual or temporary workers, management, clerical staff, or salespeople who may have the occasional need for steel toe cap protection. 

  • Made of flexible, pliable PVC
  • Treads under sole prevent slipping and help liquid flow away from the foot
  • 100% Waterproof and will not harden, stiffen or crack
  • Can be comfortably worn over a variety of footwear such as heels, dress shoes, running shoes or boots
  • Sold per pair. Sizes S to L. Toe is color-coded to indicate the size


Select sizes based on the size of your footwear. For shoes with bulkier soles larger size might be needed.


Toe Color

US  Men's

US Women's





2 - 7

4 - 9

3 - 6

36 - 39



8 - 13

10 - 13

7 - 12

40 -47



13 - 16


13 - 16

47 - 50

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