Due North V3551070-O/S Qwik Grip Mid-Sole - Defined Heel - O/S. Each


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Due North traction aids help give you traction on ice, snow or similar porous surfaces. However, because NO product can completely prevent a slip or fall on slippery surfaces, remember to exercise care when walking or running in Due North traction aids.

  • Wedge fit design to help provide proper fit on DEFINED HEEL footwear
  • Reflective hi-visibility, adjustable elastic strap for added safety
  • 8 Tungsten carbide spikes per pair, helps provide stable grip on icy walking surfaces
  • Natural rubber and saddle design provide comfort and maximum durability in extreme cold conditions
  • Traction Aids easily rotates to side or top of foot when not in use, removing surface contact and allowing the operator to avoid damaging sensitive surfaces
  • Ideal when transitioning from indoor-to-outdoor-to-indoor use as well as for drivers, delivery personnel and machine operators where use of a full coverage traction aid may interfere with driving capabilities
  • One size fits most
  • WARNING: Due North Qwik Grip Mid-Sole DH may generally help give you traction on ice, snow or other porous surfaces that you may encounter on a day-to-day basis. NO product can completely prevent a slip or fall on unsafe surfaces that may be slippery, greasy or unstable. This Qwik Grip Mid-Sole may only help with traction if worn on proper footwear that has a 90 degree defined heel and if placed properly as shown on the user guide. The Due North Qwik Grip Mid-Sole only provides traction for the user if the users foot is firmly placed on the surface during stepping in a flat position. Do not wear with high heels, slippers or any other type of shoe that does not have a solid bottom or top. Qwik Grip Mid-Sole aids are not meant to be worn on slick surfaces such as granite or marble, or on ladders or similar equipment or when driving a vehicle. Use care as Qwik Grip Mid-Soles are sharp and may injure or damage flooring, surfaces or skin. Qwik Grip Mid-Soles are not meant to be used for athletic activities such as mountaineering, hiking or running, nor on steep up or down slopes. This product contains latex.


Hi-Viz Yellow Stripes
Number of spikes
Spike Material
Military grade tungsten carbide

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