Dentec Safety 3SM20DN5 Comfort- Air OV/N95 Respirator with 300 Series Thermoplastic Mask. Each


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3 Position adjustment allows users to adjust cartridge to three different positions


  • Extended field of vision
  • Large inhalation valves (quarter-sized) allow for maximum inhalation, allowing users to inhale a larger volume of air per breath, reducing breathing resistance while increasing user comfort and productivity.
  • Exhalation valve is strategically positioned under the nostrils and in front of the mouth to ensure hot, exhaled air exits the mask immediately. This improves user comfort while improving productivity
  • Exhalation valve diaphragm has channels that act like a parachute to traps exhaled air and lift the diaphragm off the valve seat with very little effort. This creates more space for air to exit the mask, reducing heat build up inside the mask.
  • Rolled sealing flange provides superior comfort and improves fitting capabilities. Does not require user to adjust straps excessively tight.
  • Textured sealing area reduces risk of the mask slipping on the face.
  • Comfortable on a wide vareity of facial sizes
  • Enhanced harness assembly features:
    • Metal tabs at end to prevent nylon strap fraying and allows for adjustment when wearing gloves
    • Wide nylon strap is more comfortable against the skin and maintains its elasticity longer
    • 4 point swiveling adjustments allows the mask to be adjusted to the individual features of the wearer
    • Cradle suspension fits comfortably under suspension systems for hard hats, grinding and welding helmets.
  • 3 Position adjustment allows users to adjust cartridge to three different positions on all Comfort-Air facepiece.


OV cartridge
Mask, Cartridges, N95 Non-Oil Particulate Filters
Thermoplastic mask
NIOSH Approved
12.7 cm
10.16 cm
17.78 cm
1/2 face respirator

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