Bullard 20TJN Tychem QC Hoods for Respirators. Case/10


Sale price$236.50


For use with CC20 Airline Respirators and EVA, EVAHL, PA20, PA30, PA30IS PAPRs


Tychem QC is a lightweight, supple material coated with polyethylene to provide excellent splash protection against many acids, bases, and other liquid chemicals. Hoods cover head, neck, and face.

Single Bib (Basic) Style: Incorporates an outer bib for overspray protection
Double Bib (Inner Bib) Style: Outer bib with a long inner bib; tuck inner bib into shirt or coveralls to funnel excess air from the hood to the body
Double Bib (Inner Bib) Style for Use with Hardhat: Accommodates Bullard hardhats


10 Pack
Tychem QC
9 in. l bib, wide angle clear acetate lens, headband
Cc20 series airline respirator and eva, evahl, pa20, pa30, pa30is powered air purifying respirator
Pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical and pesticide handling, painting and coating operation, nuclear operation

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