3M SP941-NA Scotch Gripping Pads Value Pack, brown, assorted sizes. Case/24 Pack ..... 36 Per Pack


Sale priceCAD $221.00


  • Helps stabilize appliances on floors and tabletops
  • Strong adhesive for a long-lasting bond
  • Ideal for all types of furniture
  • Textured pads deliver reliable traction
  • Easy-to-apply, stick-on design

Scotch Gripping Pads keep
furniture in place. Equipped with a powerful adhesive and superb
traction for reliable, long-lasting use, they are ideal for furniture
and lamps that sit on a finished surface.

These traction pads come in a variety of sizes, so there is perfect set
for all your needs, from the laundry room to the family room. So whether
you need to ensure your table lamp stays put, or you'd like to keep
your washing machine from dancing away, rely on the strong, no-slip hold
of Scotch Gripping Pads.

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