3M Peltor PG2008MUV Lumberjack Kit, UVicator Sensor, Orange. Each


Sale price$105.00


3M Peltor Lumberjack Kit is a complete hard hat system for forestry and agriculture that combines head, face, and hearing protection. The 3M Peltor Lumberjack Kit is great for tree work as it helps protect against vertical impact, wood chips, and small flying objects with superior noise attenuation.

This 3M Peltor Lumberjack Kit includes a hard hat, a multivisor and pair of ear muffs. Work with confidence in gear that meets CSA hard hat classifications. Specifically designed for tree work, the 3M Peltor Lumberjack Kit has you protected.

  • System combines head, face, and hearing protection
  • 4 point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat for head protection against falling objects and debris specifically in forestry and tree work
  • Helps protect against debris

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