3M GVP-610 Belt Mounted PAPR GVP Power Cord. 1/pack


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The 3M Belt Mounted PAPR GVP Power Cord provides a simple way to connect the 3M Belt Mounted PAPR Unit, GVP-100 to a power source. This product can be used with the 3M Versaflo Battery Adapter, TR-659, connected to the 3M Versaflo Standard Battery, TR-630.

The 3M Belt Mounted PAPR GVP Power Cord, GVP-610 is a power cord that allows use of
the 3M Versaflo Battery Adapter, TR-659 with 3M PAPR Unit, GVP-100 systems.

  • Rugged, durable PAPR system
  • Wide variety of head gear and cartridge options
  • Ensure the use of compatible 3M and Versaflo accessories for your PAPR kit

Suggested Applications

  • Suitable for the applications of the 3M Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator Assembly, GVP-1

Brand 3M
Intrinsically Safe No
Mounting Type Belt-Mounted
Product Series GVP
Product Type Power Cord
Recommended Application General Maintenance, Material handling
Recommended Industry Metal Fabrication

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