3M Breathe Easy 022-00-03R01 Turbo Blower Unit. Each


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  • NIOSH-approved PAPR system helps provide respiratory protection from certain airborne contaminants
  • Loose-fitting, butyl rubber hood provides respiratory protection without the need for fit testing
  • Kits include a hood, motor blower, breathing tube, battery, airflow indicator, belt, and cartridge; some kits may have additional components
  • Headgear used as part of certain PAPRs can accommodate workers with limited facial hair and prescription eyewear

In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, equip your team of first receivers, law enforcement, military personnel, or healthcare professionals with our 3M™ Breathe Easy™ Emergency Preparedness Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Kits. These kits provide workers with reliable respiratory protection in challenging conditions.

Built for first receivers

Our Breathe Easy Emergency Preparedness PAPR systems feature respiratory protection for a wide range of particulates, gases, and vapors. Our loose-fitting butyl rubber hoods can accommodate workers with limited facial hair and our headtops leave room for prescription eyewear.

All-in-one respiratory protection

Each kit includes a hood, motor blower, breathing tube, battery, airflow indicator, belt, and cartridge. Some kits may have additional components.

Customizable comfort

Based on the task at hand and the contaminants in your work environment, simply select the appropriate headgear, breathing tube, and air source. Many of our products are interchangeable, so you can configure the ideal system based on your environment, contaminants, and personal preferences.

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Breathe Easy™

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Breathe Easy

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